Watoto Host Home Application


Watoto Choir is coming to Riverview Church on 30 September - 1 October 2017 to perform at our weekend services

We are looking for 9 families to host them from 29 September (Friday) to 3 October (Tuesday). Each team consists of an adult and 2-3 children.

Here are some important guidelines that host families must consent to prior to application:

  1. Hosts must be available to meet and collect their Watoto guests on Friday afternoon. Time will be advised later.
  2. The children need plenty of rest, do get them to bed at a reasonable time.
  3. Hosts will be required to drop-off and collect their Watoto guests to and from each Riverview Church service according to the schedule (times & itinerary to be advised).
  4. Breakfast to be provided daily and packed lunch when requested
  5. Do limit TV viewing to no more than 1-hour and kindly use viewer discretion.
  6. Do not offer Watoto adults and children the use host home telephones or computers.
  7. Do not consume alcohol or smoke while the team is in your home.
  8. Avoid offering the children confectionery and soft drinks, etc.
  9. Monday is the choir’s day off. Your Watoto guests will need to rest at your home. It may be a possibility to show them around Perth or plan a fun activity.

What you need to provide:

  • Comfortable beds and a clean bathroom for your Watoto guests. The children can share beds or sleep on the floor with appropriate bedding.
  • Breakfast and meals when requested
  • Transportation to and from church

Thank you for your interest and for opening your home.


Host Family Details

Commitment to Above Guidelines

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